Anonymous: where do you find fabric for your creations.

Everywhere! Flea markets, online, fabric stores, garments I take apart, even as gifts!!! Such a blessing when you know someone in the industry & they give you their excess/ sample yardage. So awesome.

Anonymous: I promise you when I have money I will indulge in your creations

awh thank you ♡ !!!

Ramona Mesh Panty ☆

Anonymous: do you make push up bras?

not at the moment. I am still perfecting my first underwire bra. xx

playing with fabrics ♡
using old fabrics for new styles ♡
Ramona Lace Bralet ♡
Ramona Lace Bralet ♡  Ready to ship & only one available.

amethystic-infinity: So in love with this blog! 😍💖🎀

thank you ♡ just sharing everything i create ;3

clitorisalls0rts: Where are you selling these I wanna did they're so cute!!

not sure what you’re referring to but my shop is & i sell limited editions/ samples on . hope this helps. xx

ebbstardom: I just found your tumblr and site and your amazing. I want to throw money at you

awh thanks!! truly appreciate your support!! xx

Ramona Garter Belt & Mesh Panty ♡ ♡ Both available in sizes XXS - XXL 

Anonymous: I trade my grandma for your all your lingerie!

OMG grandmas are cute please don’t haha but thank you ♡

some of my Ramona pieces in white mixed with a lace & mesh bralet I just made. most likely will list it on etsy. xx